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Texas Cuisine

Texan cuisine is the food associated with the U.S. state of Texas. Texas is a large state, and its cuisine has been influenced by a wide range of cultures, including Southern, German, British, African American, Cajun/Creole, Mexican, Native American, Asian, and to a lesser degree, Jewish and Italian.

When you think of Texas cuisine, thoughts of a longhorn steer, chili and chuck wagon meals served by the campfire are probably quick to jump to mind. Texas is a big state, and they are big on beef. One of their most popular breeds today is Angus, a type that has been popularized in the US in restaurants and fast food chains alike. But beef isn’t the only food Texans are known for.

Texas Cuisine

Because Texas is made up of 27 different cultural and ethnic communities, the fusion of these diverse groups has led to an amazing array of food and dishes that incorporate the best of what these cultures have to offer.

Tex Mex is a mixture of American Indian and Spanish cuisine, utilizing simple but flavorful ingredients and spices. Texas’ state dish is chili con carne, a dish that makes use of many of the ingredients that make Texas food popular today.
It may seem odd for a state with such heavy Mexican cuisine influence to have a state pastry originating in Europe, but indeed, the strudel is one of two state pastries. European settlers brought more than just pastry, however. They also brought German Weiner schnitzel, biscuits, pecan pie and a variety of other foods that helped shape Texas cuisine.

Texas cuisine makes use of the best of so many different cultures. Food is almost a national past time, and this places a great deal of importance on food safety.
With the variety of dishes that incorporate beef, veal, poultry, fish, pork (making diner’s mouths water at the very smell) tainted meat can wreak havoc on every level of the food industry. Texas meat producers take great care to ensure that the quality and safety of their products are safe for human consumption, but food safety doesn’t stop there.

As with fresh produce, there are many points from producer to plate that offer the chance for contamination. This is why there are so many measures in place to protect the food supply, including safe food handling practices, food handler certification, and tips to help consumers prepare food safety at home.

Safe Texas Cuisine
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Safe Texas Cuisine
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