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Food Handlers of Texas

One-stop shop for all your food safety training!

At Food Handlers of Texas, we take privilege in providing training and certification for all food handlers such as chefs, managers, servers, and more.

We, at the Food Handlers of Texas, not only cover instructions on handling food and beverages but also provide information on managing all alcoholic beverages through our Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (T.A.B.C) course.

We have based our curriculum on the infotainment study system. Contrary to the old and boring study system, our infotainment-based curriculum provides useful information along with entertainment. Therefore, our patrons can complete their respective certifications faster, and they don’t have to spend days or even hours on the course material. Food Handlers of Texas also enables you to re-print your certificate if you, unfortunately, lose the original certificate that you received at the time of the course completion. We do not want you to sweat about safeguarding the certificate. You can always re-print your certificate for free from our website.

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We believe in creating easy and efficient ways for customers to contact us. Therefore, we have established the following modes of contact:

  • Contact numbers

You may contact us before, during, or after you take the courses, and we will be pleased to help you in resolving all the issues that you may have regarding the courses. We are available to help at all times (24/7) in a day.

Online course - (915)204-4047

Classroom training - (915)204-4045

  • Address: 7501 Lockheed Dr. Suite A El Paso, TX 79925

Send us a message through our website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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