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One-stop shop for all your food safety training!

At Food Handlers of Texas, we take privilege in providing training and certification for all food handlers such as chefs, managers, servers, and more.

We, at the Food Handlers of Texas, not only cover instructions on handling food and beverages but also provide information on managing all alcoholic beverages through our Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (T.A.B.C) course.

We have based our curriculum on the infotainment study system. Contrary to the old and boring study system, our infotainment-based curriculum provides useful information along with entertainment. Therefore, our patrons can complete their respective certifications faster, and they don’t have to spend days or even hours on the course material. Food Handlers of Texas also enables you to re-print your certificate if you, unfortunately, lose the original certificate that you received at the time of the course completion. We do not want you to sweat about safeguarding the certificate. You can always re-print your certificate for free from our website.


Why Food Handlers of Texas?

  1. 1 We have curated the Food Handler Online Course and the T.A.B.C course only after conducting rigorous research on the industry and the daily tasks that a food handler needs to endure. Therefore, the classes can be applied to many real-life situations that a food handler might have to go through in their line of duty. The classes enable the patrons to handle food and beverages to the best of their abilities.
  2. 2 Both the Food Handler Online Course and the T.A.B.C course are available online in different languages such as English, Spanish, and Mandarin. Hence, our courses are accessible to food handlers from different origins.
  3. 3 All cities, including Austin, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and Tarrant County, have approved the Food Handler Online Course and the T.A.B.C course.
  4. 4 Patrons will receive the certifications for the courses as soon as the courses are over. They can print out their respective certificates instantly. Patrons don’t have to contact their respective health departments for attestation of the accreditation or pay a fee.
  5. 5 At Food Handlers of Texas, we have complete faith in our food safety program. Therefore, we have a refund policy in place for our patrons if our certification does not get accepted at any city in Texas. If any health division does not accept the course certification, we will refund your money completely.
  6. 6 At $9.99, our patrons consider the course and the certification a bargain due to all the valuable food safety-related information that they learn from us. Food Handlers of Texas still provides you with a $2 discount on the course that you wish to take if you use the coupon code “LONESTAR.�? This enables more patrons to complete the course and the certification at the best price in the industry.
  7. 7 Also, if you take up our Food Handler Online Course, we offer a $5 discount for the T.A.B.C online course. If this does not motivate customers to enroll and complete their certification, we can’t think of anything else that will.
  8. 8 The Food Handler Online Course and the T.A.B.C course will only take about 45 minutes each or less to complete. Our patrons have the liberty of completing the online courses at their own pace.
  9. 9 As an merchant, Food Handlers of Texas ensures the top quality in the course material and training. The verification also represents our dedication to the industry. Thus, ensuring food safety is our top priority.
  10. 10 Food Handlers of Texas provides courses that are supported by both computers and other hand-held devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and more. We believe that this will make it easier for all the interested customers to access and complete their course and certification in a way that is best suited for them.
  11. 11 We also allow affiliation to our website. Patrons are more than welcome to fill up the form at this link and affiliate their business with us.
  12. 12 We believe that food safety is equally important at home and restaurants since most meals are cooked and consumed at home. Hence, we run a blog on our website that provides tips on food safety that will help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The blog covers various topics, such as:
    • Safe seafood,
    • Holiday food safety,
    • Foods with a high risk of food contamination,
    • How safe an anti-bacterial soap is, and more.

These blog posts are helpful for household purposes. They are also helpful for people in the food industry. You can access the blog posts through this link.

Know more

Food Handlers Course - Online

Unlike many countries, the United States has stringent food policies. Therefore, it is mandatory for food handlers in most states to have a certification to be able to serve or prepare food for the public.

We have made food handling easier than ever before. Food Handlers of Texas runs an online course that provides not only an easy-to-learn and quick online training program but also a certification for all participants with our no exam policy.

It is important to maintain high standards in the food industry to ensure that an eatery does not spread a virus, flu, or any disease because of the food handlers’ lack of attention.

Also, more and more customers are becoming aware of the repercussions of choosing an eatery that does not follow the utmost food safety. It is crucial to ensure that food handlers take the utmost care to handle the allergies and dietary choices of the customers to avoid any possible distress to the customers. At Food Handlers of Texas, we train all our patrons to follow the customers’ instructions and prepare and serve food and beverages accordingly.

Keeping food handling in mind, most eateries only hire food handlers with a certification to prove that they are aware of safe food handling. Food Handlers of Texas is determined to ensure food safety by parting knowledge on the best food practices for proper public health.

T.A.B.C Course

Laws change continuously, and it is essential to be aware of the new updates. For example, it is not popular information that selling alcohol or alcoholic beverages to an already-intoxicated customer is illegal.

Knowing such details is vital for people in the food industry. It is essential to ensure that customers are not too drunk to drive and are conscious enough to avoid crimes. It is also necessary to ensure that they do not fall ill because of heavy drinking. Food Handlers of Texas ensures that the T.A.B.C course covers all the current alcoholic laws in the system, along with the information related to handling and serving alcohol.

It is vital to ensure that employers and employees are aware of the ways of handling alcohol and customers consuming alcohol. The staff and management team of a diner must be aware of the possible situations that might cause issues at the diner and what should be done to handle those issues with the utmost care, especially with kids and families present in the diner.

The T.A.B.C course is curated in a manner that will enable the employees to foresee the issues that might occur in the future and the possible ways to resolve the issues.

It is also crucial for employees handling alcohol to understand many things, such as:

  • What alcohol to serve and when to serve
  • Food safety-wise, what items do not go well with alcohol

Knowing this will help the employees in ensuring that they are vigilant while creating alcohol-based drinks such as cocktails.

Classroom Calendars

The classroom calendars uploaded on our website are excellent ways for all interested and existing patrons to understand our schedule. You do not have to contact us to see what we are up to. Look at our classroom calendar, and you can see our complete schedule. You have the liberty to choose and book the dates that suit you well for the training.

Our schedule looks something like this:

  1. 1 Food Handlers training class at 9:00 AM and the T.A.B.C course training class at 10:00 AM.

  2. 2 Food Handlers training class at 8:00 AM and the T.A.B.C course training class at 09:00 AM. Venue - Applebee’s, 1985 George Dieter, Zip: 79936 on Wednesdays.
  3. 3 We understand that our patrons might not be able to complete the course seamlessly due to the unavailability of computers or printers. To ensure that all patrons have an equal chance to complete the certification, we encourage patrons with no personal laptops or online study tools to visit our facility at 7501 Lockheed Drive, Suite A, Zip: 79925 on all Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. You can take up your Food Handlers or T.A.B.C course certification from there.
  4. 4 We also showcase the dates that are available for on-site training on the T.A.B.C course and the Food Handlers course. This scheme allows multiple employees to get trained and certified at the same time. It might be difficult for establishments to enable all employees to visit our facility or take up online courses. Instead, they find it easier when we visit their respective facilities to train all their employees working in the food handling field and provide certification.

    While our online courses are available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin, all classroom training sessions are conducted in English, with Spanish translation on the screen.

    Food Handlers of Texas believes in having an open-door policy of our schedule, and this is the reason why we update our classroom schedule every month. This not only makes it easier for you to understand our work schedule but also displays our transparency in all policies.

Contact Us

We believe in creating easy and efficient ways for customers to contact us. Therefore, we have established the following modes of contact:

  • Contact numbers

You may contact us before, during, or after you take the courses, and we will be pleased to help you in resolving all the issues that you may have regarding the courses. We are available to help at all times (24/7) in a day.

Online course - (915)204-4047

Classroom training - (915)204-4045

  • Address: 7501 Lockheed Dr. Suite A El Paso, TX 79925

Send us a message through our website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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