Learning How to Prevent Foodborne Illnesses

As you work through your online food handler certification courses, you will learn how to prevent foodborne illness in your food service industry career. Once you have received your certification or license card, you will be expected to know the ins and outs of proper food handling techniques and procedures. The lessons covered in these classes will teach you how to maintain a clean, safe, and professional environment—one in which foodborne illness won’t be able to spread Continue reading

The Importance of Safe Handling of Take-Out Foods

Take-out foods and services have become wildly popular in recent years. Restaurants that offer take-out services are required to follow certain laws, policies, and procedures that keep foods safe from bacteria, viruses, and toxins while in transit. Health departments and inspectors will consistently check on restaurants if they believe they are not following these guidelines and procedures as they are so important to help keep consumers and even employees safe and healthy. Continue reading

Good Personal Hygiene Practices in Restaurants

Personal hygiene plays an important role in safe food handling practices. Food handlers equipment such as gloves, hairnets, and aprons can only take cleanliness so far in the restaurant kitchen. In fact, personal hygiene is very important in order to avoid bringing in unnecessary germs, dirt, and debris. Texas food handlers go through extensive online courses in order to fully understand proper cleanliness in handling the food that will be eaten by a restaurant consumer. Continue reading

How to Get a Texas Food Handlers Card

For people in the food service industry or for those wishing to gain employment in the food service industry, it is critical to have a food handlers card. This certification is very important for chefs, cooks, food managers, and other restaurant and food service workers because it shows that they are fully competent in their work. Food handler cards show the competency one has in knowing the ins and outs of proper  food handling, essentially ensuring that food is safe to consume.   Continue reading

Getting Your Texas Food Handlers Card

The proper handling of food in the food industry involves specific safety procedures. Health organizations have very strict policies concerning how food is to be handled and stored by any type of business or venue distributing food. Because of these specific guidelines, those working in the food business need to have food handler certification. In the state of Texas, food handler cards are very important to businesses and restaurants in order to make sure that patrons and the business itself are safe from any sort of harm, including foodborne illnesses, and lawsuits. Continue reading

The Benefits of a Food Handlers Card in El, Paso, Texas

Food handler certification is important; it is even more important that your certification is recognized at the city, county, and state levels of government in order for you to make the most of your career. Receiving your certification online is often the most recommended avenue but it is also the most convenient and the least expensive. Not to mention that by going online for your certification it is easier to locate the exact type of license or certification you need or will need, regardless of where you currently are. Continue reading

Texas Food Handlers and Their Certifications

Texas food handlers all have one thing in common: they have a food handlers card and certification which allows them the opportunity not only to work in Texas restaurants but possibly to work in other states as well. Getting your food handling license is not difficult and can often be the best thing you can do for your food service career. Continue reading

What Texas Food Handlers Need to Know

When working in the food service industry there are many different aspects of preparing and serving food to the public that all Texas food handlers need to know. Perhaps one of the most important is how to maintain sanitized food contact surfaces. Those surfaces include counter tops and surfaces where foods is prepared, and the one surface that food comes into contact the most – hands. Continue reading

Studying for the Food Handler Certification Texas Agencies Require

When just starting out in a food service job, you don’t necessarily require the food handler certification Texas health departments expect you to have, but you will need to obtain it within a specified time frame. You will need to study and take the exam for the license. Those new to the business can learn while on the job, but the person in charge of the food service training area must have the food handler certification that the Texas State Department of Health Services issues. Continue reading

Understand the Need for a Texas Food Handlers Card

Not everyone working in the food service industry is required to have a Texas food handlers card, but those in a supervisory position and those working as a food service manager do have to have a Texas food handlers card. This is to insure that everyone working in any food department is completely trained on safe food handling practices to protect the health of their customers. Certain servers will also be required to have TABC certification in Texas establishments that also sell alcoholic beverages. Continue reading