The Importance of Proper Food Handling Procedures for Street Vendors

The proper food handling procedures for street food vendors are varied, and many, but very important. Because street food vendors do not operate in a restaurant or other fixed establishment, it is very easy for bacteria, viruses, or toxins to come into contact with the food. Street vendors are required-by law-to follow many different procedures in order to make sure that the consumer is kept safe from any foodborne illnesses. Continue reading

The Procedures of Keeping Food Safe from Bacteria

As you learn how to prevent foodborne illness you learn the procedures used to keep food safe from bacteria. Your online Texas food handlers certification courses will cover the procedures you will need to follow, as well as teach you what you should do if you think the food might be contaminated, and even how to tell if it is contaminated in the first place. Continue reading

The Importance of Using the Right Equipment for a Food Handler

Proper food handling is one of the quintessential elements of a business in the food service industry. In fact, state health departments and local governments consider it to be so important, food handlers are required to have food handler licenses and/or certifications. When you take your food handlers certification classes you will likely come across the types of equipment and tools used by professional food handlers in food service businesses.

There are several different factors that food service industries and businesses have to consider when purchasing kitchen or dining room equipment. Continue reading