How to Get a Texas Food Handlers Card

For people in the food service industry or for those wishing to gain employment in the food service industry, it is critical to have a food handlers card. This certification is very important for chefs, cooks, food managers, and other restaurant and food service workers because it shows that they are fully competent in their work. Food handler cards show the competency one has in knowing the ins and outs of proper  food handling, essentially ensuring that food is safe to consume.  

In order to get a food handlers card in Texas, you are required to complete specific food service courses – many of which are available online. These programs are affordable and varied, meaning you are able to receive different types of certifications when you require them. Some food handlers cards are valid only in certain cities or counties, while others are valid throughout the entire state. There are also programs that you can take in order to have a food handlers card that is valid in many different states. These types of cards are sometimes required in order to work in particular restaurant chains.

Many states, including Texas, offer a food handlers card that you can benefit from, as it allows you to work in several different areas of the business and to have the opportunity to be promoted. Once you obtain your food handlers card, ensure that your employer has it on file, even if they do not automatically ask for it. When it comes to a food handlers card, Texas requires updated certifications in order to ensure that you are properly trained and educated in handling food.

Online programs are designed to help you keep your certification up to date and to allow you to get your first certification with relative ease and at a fair price. If you use an online program to get your food handlers card, Texas will recognize it in the specific industry fields and areas that the program is accredited for.

Getting your food handlers card is not a difficult process. By simply using the many online programs available to you, you can earn your certification quickly and be ready to continue on with your career. All accredited online programs will teach you what you need to know when it comes to food safety, foodborne illnesses, properly food storage, and many other important aspects of the food industry. Ensure that both you and your employer have a copy of your certification on file so that the county and state health inspectors can have access to it if necessary.

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