Food Safety When Preparing Homemade Baby Food

As food safety issues are really on surge these days, new moms have to be a little more careful. When preparing baby foods at home. They have to know what can infect the food ingredients, or which ways one can unknowingly increase the risk of food contamination. Remember you can’t take any chances with infant foods. The food recipes can get poisoned due to cross contamination. Before you unnecessarily increase the stress burden for yourself, it’s best to know which way you can minimize the risk. Most food safety issues start from the kitchen. So, you have to remember a few things when dealing with baby foods –

First, you’ve to keep all food preparing equipment as clean as possible. It’s best to sterilize them with hot water before using. That way you can kill maximum germs.

Second, keep food utensils separate in a dry and clean place. Damp places are most dangerous and can encourage germ build up. This is why try to stack the utensils in a properly ventilated place.

Third, every time you go to the kitchen to prepare food for your baby, clean hands with soap and warm water properly. Make the hands free from any type of germs. Germs can spread to your hands when you touch or come into the contact of any object or any other foods.

Fourth, try to keep a shelf for the child food separately. That way you can ensure that the baby foods are safe. The chances of cross contamination will be less. Most of the food contamination cases take place due to improper food handling practices. You can know a lot about how germs spread or foods get contaminated with the help of an online food handlers course.

Fifth, if you’re taking your baby to a restaurant, try not to feed anything from outside. Babies have got a low immunity system and don’t have enough power to fight germ contamination.

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