Steam Treatment to Stop Listeria Contamination in Fish

Stop Listeria Contamination in Fish

Listeria seem to harvest and thrive in sea foods easily. Is there any way to stop the growth of this dangerous pathogens? A study conducted in a Norway research institute has found that Listeria contamination can be eliminated through steam treatment. That means you can literally reduce the risk of contamination by treating the exterior surface of the fish with almost 100 degree C steam. That’s good news, isn’t it? Rising cases of sea food contamination really give us goose bumps. An online food handlers course can offer you a lot of information pertaining to this subject.

Stop Listeria Contamination in Fish


To be able to stop food contamination, you need to know the safest way to treat, cook and handle foods. As long as you’re well versed with all possible threats and know how to handle foods the right way, there will be no dark cloud above you. But, what if you don’t know how to build a protective shield and stop the bacteria growth. Because of several food safety issues, the Government of this country has made it obligatory to learn safe food handling methods. A food handlers certification program make sure you get as much information as possible.

What is more important that you follow food safety measure in your daily life. Whether you’re a professional spending your whole day in a restaurant, or you’re a stay at home mom who needs to prepare foods for her family daily, it’s extremely important to have a clear idea about what can make your food a potent source of contamination. Remember Listeria is more powerful to cause a contamination if foods are cold. Chilled food products with a very long shelf life are more likely to get contaminated through Listeria. The steam pasteurization technique is used in a few slaughter house and poultry farm. To be able to comment on the most powerful impact of this type of treatment, researchers still need a bit more time.

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