Good Personal Hygiene Practices in Restaurants

Personal hygiene plays an important role in safe food handling practices. Food handlers equipment such as gloves, hairnets, and aprons can only take cleanliness so far in the restaurant kitchen. In fact, personal hygiene is very important in order to avoid bringing in unnecessary germs, dirt, and debris. Texas food handlers go through extensive online courses in order to fully understand proper cleanliness in handling the food that will be eaten by a restaurant consumer.

Personal hygiene practices in restaurants do not begin in the restaurant kitchen but at home. For women, and even for men, it is important to have well-groomed nails. Several restaurants actually ban nail polish because the polish could chip off and fall into the food. Nails should be generally clipped back in order to avoid them breaking off in the kitchen and falling into someone’s food.

Other personal hygiene practices include washing your hands. As one of the most basic concepts in the process of safely handling foods, its importance should not be minimized. When you work towards your Texas food handlers card you will invariably learn the importance of simply washing your hands, even when you use protective gloves. The act of washing your hands with soap and water removes germs, bacteria, and dirt from your skin, often dirt you would not even know was there. This ultimately allows for a cleaner environment overall. Bacteria that you washed off can no longer come into contact with the surfaces and tools that could then be used on food.

Keeping hands, nails, clothes, and even hair clean will help to keep a clean kitchen for professional food handlers. Personal hygiene is the first step in maintaining a clean work environment and keeping patrons safe from foodborne illnesses or food poisoning. Health departments and health codes repeatedly look to personal hygiene practices in restaurants to determine if the proper food handling procedures are being followed.

Texas food handlers are all expected to understand the rules of basic cleanliness and to follow them at all times when on the job. From proper grooming at home, to washing your hands after using the bathroom and after touching raw meats, or after handling any trash, proper hygiene practices are ultimately very important. Any online food handlers course will go through the importance of these practices in detail in order to make sure that certified food handlers fully understand the importance of personal hygiene in safe food handling practices.

As a member of the food service industry, health departments at the local and state levels expect you to keep on top of safe practices necessary for food handling. Remarkably, by simply washing your hands at the right time you will be able to avoid many disasters from starting in your place of business.

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