Earning Your TABC Certification Online

TABC certification is required if you intend to work in any business that requires you to sell or serve alcohol to the public. These measure are in place to ensure that minors are not served, that intoxicated people are not served and that non-members of private clubs are not served (or are served following proper laws).

In order to obtain TABC certification in Texas, you will need to take a course and pass a test. These courses can be taken in person or online, and once successfully passed you will take a test and be able to print your certificate as proof of completion.

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Knowing What to Look for to Determine if the Business is Practicing Proper Health and Safety

As a Texas food handler you want to make sure that the restaurant you wish to work for follows all of the proper procedures for safe food handling. It is just as important for you to follow the health and safety rules as it is for the restaurant to enforce those rules. These practices are important because they keep the business, the food handler, and the patron safe from any harm due to food poisoning and foodborne illnesses. Continue reading

The Importance of Quality Food Handlers at Texas Restaurants

Working in the food service industry can lead to a long and successful career. Even for those who start out at an entry-level job, there is always the chance to move up in their chosen field. Anyone working in a restaurant will tell you that you need a food handlers card. Texas is just one of many states that have an extensive food service industry and you can go as far as you want if you work hard and make the most of your talents. Continue reading

The Procedures of Keeping Food Safe from Bacteria

As you learn how to prevent foodborne illness you learn the procedures used to keep food safe from bacteria. Your online Texas food handlers certification courses will cover the procedures you will need to follow, as well as teach you what you should do if you think the food might be contaminated, and even how to tell if it is contaminated in the first place. Continue reading

Recognizing that Food Poisoning is a Serious Health Issue

One of the worst things that could happen to a food service industry is a case of food poisoning. Food poisoning is a serious health issue, not just for the person or people infected, but for the general public as well. There are many different ways food can become contaminated, but there are also several methods a food handler can use to make sure that the food passing through their kitchen is not. Continue reading

Why Should You Get Your Texas food Handlers Certification?

Receiving your Texas food handlers certification is a very important step for a fledgling career in the food service industry. It is also a legal requirement for employers and employees in food service businesses and restaurants. Many different health agencies, departments, and organizations look for certification in order to determine the validity and safety of food service businesses.   Continue reading

Texas Food Handlers and Their Certifications

Texas food handlers all have one thing in common: they have a food handlers card and certification which allows them the opportunity not only to work in Texas restaurants but possibly to work in other states as well. Getting your food handling license is not difficult and can often be the best thing you can do for your food service career. Continue reading

All Alcohol Sales Governed by Texas Liquor License

Whether you are in the business of distilling your own alcohol, transporting it as a distributor or handing a bottle to a customer across the bar, Texas lay requires you to have a valid liquor license. Equally important, all of your employees must have the proper training and certification to ensure they do not violate any federal or state laws. For those in the food service business who also sell and serve alcohol, this typically means making sure all customers meet the minimum age limit to purchase alcoholic beverages. Continue reading

Food Service Managers Need Texas Food Handlers Certification

Safety of their customers is the number one reason that restaurants, bars and any other establishment that serves ready-to-eat food has to make sure that all of their food service supervisors hold Texas food handlers certification. Since the certification process is overseen by the Texas Department of State Health Services, which also accredits classes in the safe handling of food for public consumption, the department will look for certificates during inspections. There are online and classroom instruction programs approved for Texas food handlers certification, making it easy and convenient for food service supervisors. Continue reading

Laws Governing Texas Food Handlers Certification

The main goal of the DSHS, Texas, in the food service industry is to insure practices of safe food handling to maintain safety of Texas residents. Every establishment that sells ready-to-eat food products for the public must have an employee that holds Texas food handlers certification from an accredited training program. In addition to the state Texas food handlers certification, some counties and municipalities also require a local certification. Continue reading