Food Safety in Natural Disasters

Natural disasters come in many forms and can affect the safety of your food supply in a multitude of ways so it is important to be aware of food safety measures to follow during or in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Whether it is a flood, hurricane, tornado, long power outage, or fire, you need to know the proper ways to prevent foodborne illnesses from making you or your loved ones sick.

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Knowing What to Look for to Determine if the Business is Practicing Proper Health and Safety

As a Texas food handler you want to make sure that the restaurant you wish to work for follows all of the proper procedures for safe food handling. It is just as important for you to follow the health and safety rules as it is for the restaurant to enforce those rules. These practices are important because they keep the business, the food handler, and the patron safe from any harm due to food poisoning and foodborne illnesses. Continue reading