The Importance of Serving Food with Alcohol

If you’re throwing a party and serving alcohol, it’s always a good idea to serve food as well. Ideally you don’t want to serve salty snacks as these will only encourage your guests to drink more.

Food helps to slow the absorption rate of alcohol into the blood stream. Choose high protein foods or those that are high in starches such as cheese, meat, raw veggies and dip, and even seafood.

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Food Safety in Natural Disasters

Natural disasters come in many forms and can affect the safety of your food supply in a multitude of ways so it is important to be aware of food safety measures to follow during or in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Whether it is a flood, hurricane, tornado, long power outage, or fire, you need to know the proper ways to prevent foodborne illnesses from making you or your loved ones sick.

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TABC and Food Handlers in Texas

Texas regards public health and safety as an important aspect of society, which is the reason they require Texas food handlers and those selling and serving alcohol to obtain licenses to work in these industries.

The TABC and food handlers in Texas often overlap in their roles, and many employees are required to obtain licenses from both the TABC and health departments within the state to carry out their roles in their employment.

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Earning Your TABC Certification Online

TABC certification is required if you intend to work in any business that requires you to sell or serve alcohol to the public. These measure are in place to ensure that minors are not served, that intoxicated people are not served and that non-members of private clubs are not served (or are served following proper laws).

In order to obtain TABC certification in Texas, you will need to take a course and pass a test. These courses can be taken in person or online, and once successfully passed you will take a test and be able to print your certificate as proof of completion.

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Why it is Important to Have a Texas Liquor License

It is absolutely critical to possess a Texas liquor license in order to sell, serve, or otherwise distribute liquor in restaurants, stores, or other types of venues. It is especially important for bartenders and liquor store owners to have the correct license in order to operate a lawful business. Obtaining your license is not difficult or time consuming, but essential for anyone serving or selling alcohol. Continue reading

The Benefits of Receiving an Online TABC Certification in Texas

TABC, which stands for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, is a state-wide government institution that provides certification for the buying, selling, and serving of alcoholic beverages in the state of Texas. The training that all professional sellers and bartenders have is designed to prevent the sale of alcoholic beverages to the following:
•    minors
•    non-members of a private club
•    intoxicated persons
It is very important for all professional bartenders and alcohol buyers/sellers to receive their TABC certification in Texas in order to have successful careers.

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Receiving TABC Texas Certification Online

The TABC is a state organization that is dedicated to the lawful distribution of alcohol by sellers and servers in restaurants, bars, public and private venues, and any other type of event. The state of Texas requires a liquor license and certifications in order to make sure that everyone involved in the liquor business is knowledgeable and responsible with their products and businesses. Continue reading

Texas Liquor License Covers More than Bars

Liquor laws in the state of Texas are fairly straight forward concerning the legal age to be able buy or be served alcohol, and there are different permits that accompany a Texas liquor license governing different types of sales. There are Texas liquor license permits covering everything from distilleries and breweries to wholesale and retail sales. A Texas liquor license is also required for most events, including one-day catered events such as political fundraisers and banquet halls catering weddings and other special occasions. Continue reading

What You Will Learn in TABC Texas Training Courses

You might question the need to earn certification from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, since most servers will simply be taking drink orders and delivering drinks to the table. In essence, beyond the requirements of the TABC Texas officials, establishment owners want to make sure all federal and state laws on beverage sales and consumption are followed.


Nearly everyone knows the legal drinking age is 21, and that if a customer does not look 21 they need to ask for verification. What they may not know is that it is required by the federal government and TABC that Texas servers to ask for identification if a customer appears to be younger that 40. This may seem ridiculous to some, but in the past there have been purchases made by underage people who looked old enough to legally purchase alcohol, and this cost the business their Texas liquor license.

When you train through a TABC Texas approved program you will learn indicators to show that an identification card is not valid, such as an expired driver’s license. In order to be considered valid, it can not be expired and must clearly show the person’s color photograph and list all of their physical attributes. For example, if you are handed a driver’s license for a 50-year-old man and the person in front of you is obviously much younger, there is a good chance the ID doesn’t belong to them and according to the TABC, Texas servers should deny the sale.

You will also learn that Texas communities may also have restrictions on where and when alcohol can be sold. Depending on the Texas liquor license, they may not be allowed to sell alcohol on certain days of the week or on other holidays. Additionally, in some communities, the Texas liquor license may allow alcohol sales on one side of the street and not on the other, depending on restrictions.

It is not only businesses that must follow rules in place by the TABC; Texas also may require temporary setups,  such as parties or conventions to have a Texas liquor license, even if they are offering alcohol for free, such as a catering company hosting weddings or other events. The many federal and state laws of the TABC that Texas authorities enforce can include many of these scenarios in addition to bars and restaurants. As another example, some community service organizations may sell beer at festivals to raise money for charities, but regardless of the reason they will still need a Texas liquor license specific to the event.

These are just a few examples of what you will learn when you take TABC Texas training courses, which you will probably want to take before taking a job serving alcohol. Failure to follow the laws can result in the server and the establishment being fined as well as the owner losing the liquor license.