The Importance of Serving Food with Alcohol

If you’re throwing a party and serving alcohol, it’s always a good idea to serve food as well. Ideally you don’t want to serve salty snacks as these will only encourage your guests to drink more.

Food helps to slow the absorption rate of alcohol into the blood stream. Choose high protein foods or those that are high in starches such as cheese, meat, raw veggies and dip, and even seafood.

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Earning Your TABC Certification Online

TABC certification is required if you intend to work in any business that requires you to sell or serve alcohol to the public. These measure are in place to ensure that minors are not served, that intoxicated people are not served and that non-members of private clubs are not served (or are served following proper laws).

In order to obtain TABC certification in Texas, you will need to take a course and pass a test. These courses can be taken in person or online, and once successfully passed you will take a test and be able to print your certificate as proof of completion.

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Tips for Food Safety

For those working in the food service industry, food safety practices are part of every shift. In order to ensure that proper food safety procedures are followed, it can be helpful to remember tips and/or even post them at work stations to help remind employees during hectic times in the kitchen or workplace.

1. Use different cutting boards for different foods, such as raw chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables, cheese etc.

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Receiving TABC Texas Certification Online

The TABC is a state organization that is dedicated to the lawful distribution of alcohol by sellers and servers in restaurants, bars, public and private venues, and any other type of event. The state of Texas requires a liquor license and certifications in order to make sure that everyone involved in the liquor business is knowledgeable and responsible with their products and businesses. Continue reading