The Benefits of Receiving an Online TABC Certification in Texas

TABC, which stands for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, is a state-wide government institution that provides certification for the buying, selling, and serving of alcoholic beverages in the state of Texas. The training that all professional sellers and bartenders have is designed to prevent the sale of alcoholic beverages to the following:
•    minors
•    non-members of a private club
•    intoxicated persons
It is very important for all professional bartenders and alcohol buyers/sellers to receive their TABC certification in Texas in order to have successful careers.

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A Day with Someone with Texas Food Handlers Certification

For most restaurants or other businesses that sell food to the public, every day can be a challenge in one way or another. This is especially true for the person holding the Texas food service certification and who is also in charge of making sure everything is done correctly in order to provide safe food products for their customers. It isn’t all about making sure the employees wear their gloves when handling the food, but also about making sure those gloves do not come into contact with tainted items and then go back to handling food. Continue reading

Understand the Need for a Texas Food Handlers Card

Not everyone working in the food service industry is required to have a Texas food handlers card, but those in a supervisory position and those working as a food service manager do have to have a Texas food handlers card. This is to insure that everyone working in any food department is completely trained on safe food handling practices to protect the health of their customers. Certain servers will also be required to have TABC certification in Texas establishments that also sell alcoholic beverages. Continue reading

Earning TABC Certification in Texas

In Texas, as in many other states, it is required by law that anyone serving alcoholic beverages for sale or for consumption must have their TABC Certificate. Without this certification for employees, business owners can face fines and other legal consequences that could have otherwise been avoided. Untrained employees will not know how to check for proper ID, how to identify an intoxicated person, when to stop serving, or how to handle minors attempting to make a purchase. TABC certification not only protects minors, customers, and those on the road ways, it also protects employees and business owners from fines, loss of licenses, and jail time. Continue reading