Food Safety and Schools Lunches

Some schools provide lunches for students, and it is always hoped that proper food safety handling methods are being used to ensure the safety of the food being served to your children.

Many parents still prefer to pack their children’s lunch so that they know what their children are eating for lunch, and that the food is safe and healthy. There are many steps you can take to ensure that the lunch you send your children to school with is fresh and safe to eat by the time the lunch bell rings.
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Food Safety in Natural Disasters

Natural disasters come in many forms and can affect the safety of your food supply in a multitude of ways so it is important to be aware of food safety measures to follow during or in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Whether it is a flood, hurricane, tornado, long power outage, or fire, you need to know the proper ways to prevent foodborne illnesses from making you or your loved ones sick.

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Tips for Food Safety

For those working in the food service industry, food safety practices are part of every shift. In order to ensure that proper food safety procedures are followed, it can be helpful to remember tips and/or even post them at work stations to help remind employees during hectic times in the kitchen or workplace.

1. Use different cutting boards for different foods, such as raw chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables, cheese etc.

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Taking The Test To Obtain The Food Handler’s Card

Obtaining your food handler’s card is a requirement for employment in the food services industries. Once you’ve undergone the required training, whether in class, online or as part of training on the job, it’s time to get your card and get working!

For food handlers, taking the test to obtain the food handler’s card is a fairly simple process. It can be taken online or in person and once completed, you’re on your way to legally working in all types of food preparation and food services. Continue reading