Taking The Test To Obtain The Food Handler’s Card

Obtaining your food handler’s card is a requirement for employment in the food services industries. Once you’ve undergone the required training, whether in class, online or as part of training on the job, it’s time to get your card and get working!

For food handlers, taking the test to obtain the food handler’s card is a fairly simple process. It can be taken online or in person and once completed, you’re on your way to legally working in all types of food preparation and food services. Continue reading

The Benefits of a Food Handlers Card in El, Paso, Texas

Food handler certification is important; it is even more important that your certification is recognized at the city, county, and state levels of government in order for you to make the most of your career. Receiving your certification online is often the most recommended avenue but it is also the most convenient and the least expensive. Not to mention that by going online for your certification it is easier to locate the exact type of license or certification you need or will need, regardless of where you currently are. Continue reading

A Day with Someone with Texas Food Handlers Certification

For most restaurants or other businesses that sell food to the public, every day can be a challenge in one way or another. This is especially true for the person holding the Texas food service certification and who is also in charge of making sure everything is done correctly in order to provide safe food products for their customers. It isn’t all about making sure the employees wear their gloves when handling the food, but also about making sure those gloves do not come into contact with tainted items and then go back to handling food. Continue reading