Tips for Food Safety

For those working in the food service industry, food safety practices are part of every shift. In order to ensure that proper food safety procedures are followed, it can be helpful to remember tips and/or even post them at work stations to help remind employees during hectic times in the kitchen or workplace.

1. Use different cutting boards for different foods, such as raw chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables, cheese etc.

2. Wash hands before and after handling food, or wear gloves and change them between changing food types. Continue reading

How to Get a Texas Food Handlers Card

For people in the food service industry or for those wishing to gain employment in the food service industry, it is critical to have a food handlers card. This certification is very important for chefs, cooks, food managers, and other restaurant and food service workers because it shows that they are fully competent in their work. Food handler cards show the competency one has in knowing the ins and outs of proper  food handling, essentially ensuring that food is safe to consume.   Continue reading

What You Learn in Texas Food Handlers Courses

Most people cook and eat at home without realizing some the dangers they can be creating. What you can learn taking a Texas food handlers training course can also provide safe food habits at home. Some of the biggest issues with home cooking are cooking foods to the proper temperature for each type and the proper storage of prepared foods to keep them out of the danger zone. All this is taught when seeking the food handlers card that Texas authorities require. Continue reading

Earn Texas Food Handlers Card Online

Persons working in the food service industry are better served by having their food handlers card. It is fairly easy to obtain one, simply by earning the Texas food handlers card online. While classes are also available in a classroom setting, many individuals, as well as employers, prefer they are trained for the test for a Texas food handlers card online, since it takes less time and can often be taken from a computer at the employers’ place of business. Continue reading