Why Should You Get Your Texas food Handlers Certification?

Receiving your Texas food handlers certification is a very important step for a fledgling career in the food service industry. It is also a legal requirement for employers and employees in food service businesses and restaurants. Many different health agencies, departments, and organizations look for certification in order to determine the validity and safety of food service businesses.   Continue reading

Starting a Career in the Food Industry? Start By Receiving Food Handler Certification

For anyone looking to start a career in the food industry, an important first step is to earn your food handler certification. Texas, like all states, has very strict guidelines that professional chefs and cooks are required to abide by. However, these guidelines, laws, and policies are not difficult to learn and are certainly not hard to follow, given the proper education. Continue reading

Studying for the Food Handler Certification Texas Agencies Require

When just starting out in a food service job, you don’t necessarily require the food handler certification Texas health departments expect you to have, but you will need to obtain it within a specified time frame. You will need to study and take the exam for the license. Those new to the business can learn while on the job, but the person in charge of the food service training area must have the food handler certification that the Texas State Department of Health Services issues. Continue reading

For Food Handler Certification Texas Offers Options

For persons in need of the food handler certification Texas requires, there are a few options available to receive the training and testing. The first thing a person in the food industry should look for when selecting a company offering food handler certification Texas requires is that it’s from an accredited source. Companies offering Texas food handlers training must meet established requirements and any training or certification received from a non-accredited company will not be valid. Continue reading