How Prevent Food Contamination When Doing outdoor Activities

You need to give special attention to food safety when doing outdoor activities. No matter how hard you try, if you have no clear idea what can infect your food outside, you can’t prevent contamination. In this context, doing a food handlers course online seems just perfect. If you know the potential sources of food contamination, you’ll be able to take necessary actions to prevent cross contamination. Camping, hiking or boating are perfect outdoor activities for active people and families. However, the chances of food contamination remain live when you fail to take preventive measures. Continue reading

Why Choose a Reliable Food Supplier

Well, being the owner of a food chain or a restaurant, you must know where from you food ingredients come. There is actually no scope of mistakes. No chances of any excuses. Make an initiative to know your food supplier. Why choosing a good supplier is important? Because the quality of the food you serve to your customers need to be at par. Although the FDA regulates and monitors the food handling practices followed by different farmers, you got to be pretty much sure. As we said earlier, there are no rooms for errors. Make efforts to verify the authenticity of your food suppliers. Continue reading

Organic Food Safety

How safe is an organic food? If you’re having organic foods for quite a long, can you really say you’re not exposed to any kind of food contamination issues? Before you come up with an answer, take a clear look at the reality. Even if you only consume organic food on the day to day basis, you can’t say you’re risk-free. Why so? Because issues like microbiological safety still remain unsolved to some extent here. Contrary to the popular belief that all organic foods are safe for eating, we can say that the overall scenario is not really that much clear. Continue reading

Color Additives and Food Safety

The U.S. food industry has grown like anything. Unfortunately, like its growth, the scope of dangerous food borne diseases has also become very high. An online food handlers course often includes topics like whether or not to use the additives in foods. What you’ve to say about that? Food additives are some edible chemical components. The Food and Drug Administration U.S. supervises the use of the food chemicals. FDA is responsible for monitoring and controlling the use of color additives in food and supplements. In most of the cases, the food using color additives goes through a quality inspection process before it comes to you. So they are supposed to be safe. Continue reading

Baking and Food Safety

We love bakery products. They’re mouth watering. But, the question about food safety still remains unanswered. How safe is a food product prepared in the bakery? Does your local bakery follow the food handling practice prescribed by your state authority? These questions poke our mind. To run a food related business in this country, each and every person has to get food handling training and the food handlers card as well. With that in mind, you have to make sure you know the rating of your local bakery. If you’re in Texas, try to confirm if the manager managing a food retail has got his/her Texas food handlers card. Continue reading

Can A Food Handlers Course Keep You Safe

Initially, doing an online food handlers course was not so obligatory. But after encountering hundreds of food contamination cases, like Texas, every other state of this country has made doing this type of course almost compulsory for anybody related to the food industry. Now, for people trying a career in the food industry or looking to establish a food related business, undergoing food handlers training is almost a legal compulsion. And it goes without saying that this type of course does not do any harm; instead, can reduce the chances of food poisoning and keep you safe from its harmful effects. Continue reading

Food Poisoning From Homemade Mayonnaise

Commercial products are not that much risky if they are seal packed properly. The mayonnaise you get from the market is made from pasteurized ingredients. So they are naturally risk free. If you do an online food handlers course, it should help you have a clear idea about how to eliminate the possibilities of developing food borne diseases through mayonnaise. We do love the yummy mayonnaise as salad dressing and with many other foods. We use raw eggs when we prepare the recipe at home. And raw eggs can become a source of potential danger if they get exposed to some particular temperature. Continue reading

Food Contamination Outbreak: Cyclosporiasis

Apart from being an expert in preparing delicious food recipes, you must be an expert in dealing with the problem of food contamination as well. We would better say you must be well acquainted with the safe food handling methods. If you’ve not got your Texas food handlers card yet, get it now without any delay. Unfortunately, in most of the cases food contamination takes place due to lack of information and carelessness. So, today we’re going to tell you how a special type of fruit and vegetable parasite can make you sick due to ignorance or because of not having proper knowledge about the food safety methods. Continue reading

How to Prevent Bacteria Growth in the Barbeques

Nothing is actually so safe as it looks from outside. Try to ensure you’re not exposed to any health risks by getting registered for an online food handlers course. It’s really annoying to know that our favourite barbeque recipe could be a potential danger if no attention is given at the right time. Maintaining food safety can become a real challenge when you decide to cook outside at a warmer temperature. But we don’t have to compromise our fun just because of the fear of developing food borne diseases. By adhering to a few safety measures, you can literally eliminate the food contamination risks. For example, Continue reading

Arsenic in Rice

Rice can also have dangerous effect on health if it’s contaminated. Arsenic in rice triggers toxic effect. As you can imagine, the effect of toxins in your body can be very dangerous in the long term. An online food handlers course can educate us about how to prevent arsenic contamination. Researchers have been searching for the root cause of the problem. When researchers began the expedition, they found a major portion of the rice eating population in a few countries are victims of chromosomal damage. The overall scenario is definitely not at all pleasant. The problem has been found mainly in very low income category families where people suffer from nutritional deficit. Continue reading