Steam Treatment to Stop Listeria Contamination in Fish

Listeria seem to harvest and thrive in sea foods easily. Is there any way to stop the growth of this dangerous pathogens? A study conducted in a Norway research institute has found that Listeria contamination can be eliminated through steam treatment. That means you can literally reduce the risk of contamination by treating the exterior surface of the fish with almost 100 degree C steam. That’s a good news, isn’t it? Rising cases of sea food contamination really give us goose bumps. An online food handlers course can offer you a lot of information pertaining to this subject. Continue reading

Food Contamination From Smoked Salmon

Ever heard about people suffering from smoked salmon? You can’t trust any food these days. You got to be always alert about what you eat and where you eat. Despite all preventive measures, the number of food poisoning complains is one the rise. Sometimes problems happen on the part of food producers. And sometimes we become a victim of food contamination because of our own mistakes. Anyway, you can’t ignore the risk. To know the ideal food handling methods, now it’s almost compulsory to get training under the supervisors. The online food handlers course offered by the local institutes can offer in-detailed information. Continue reading

Is Your Antibacterial Soap Really Effective for Killing Bacteria

Gosh it’s so hard to believe that even bacteria can develop an antibiotic resistant ability. Yes, it’s possible that the antibacterial soap you use to clean and disinfect the hands before handling foods is of no use anymore. A study conducted by a group of researchers have found that an ingredient used in the antibacterial soap can develop the antibiotic resistance in the bacteria. Although the news is official now, like many other much debated topics, this research finding is also in a controversial state. You can find the study published in the “Environmental Science and Technology”. Continue reading

Food Hygiene Rules

Food hygiene covers a huge range of food safety aspects. We never bother to know what matters most when we deal with foods on a daily basis. Believe it or not, but there are rising cases of food poisoning cases all around the U.S. You can’t afford to miss the FDA warning on food safety and food hygiene. Even the U.S. Government has made it clear and concise that every state in this country must set their own food regulatory rules and increase awareness. This is why a few accredited institutions have been assigned to offer food handlers course online. As for food hygiene, you must know a few things – Continue reading

4 Foods with Highest Risk of Contamination

To know how one can eliminate the risks of food contamination, food regulatory authorities in the U.S. suggest taking an online food handlers course. Besides giving enough idea about the preventive methods, the professionals offering training can also tell you how to reduce the risk of food contamination when consuming the foods bearing the greatest risk of food contamination. Today we can give you some idea about the four most risky foods that easily get contaminated through environmental hazards, pollutants or bacteria development. Here are the foods that should be handled and consumed with utmost care – Continue reading

How Safe is Eating in a Restaurant

A food infection can spread when eating out or eating in a restaurant. An online food handlers course can teach us a lot about how food can get poisoned and the infection can spread. We adore our weekends. We get an off from our kitchen work. But be safe from the attack of the dangerous germ when eating outside. Restaurants or food outlets deal with too many food ingredients on a daily basis. Although the staff and other people responsible for handling raw foods or preparing meal should know all food safety regulations and abide by them, there are a few exceptional cases when situations go wrong. Continue reading

Learn Food Safety to Avoid Cheese Contamination

When the food safety problem starts? It starts when you fail to take proper precautions. For example, if you’re not attentive enough and fail to follow the preliminary regulations when handling foods, food poisoning can start. Cheese can get contaminated due to contaminated milk or wrong food processing method. You’ve to understand when to take proper actions if you realize some foods are not in a good condition. An online food handlers course is very helpful in this type of occasion. If you are in the food industry, taking safe food handling training is unconditionally important. There is no doubt regarding that. Continue reading

Food Safety When Preparing Homemade Baby Food

As food safety issues are really on surge these days, new moms have to be a little more careful. When preparing baby foods at home. They have to know what can infect the food ingredients, or which ways one can unknowingly increase the risk of food contamination. Remember you can’t take any chances with infant foods. The food recipes can get poisoned due to cross contamination. Before you unnecessarily increase the stress burden for yourself, it’s best to know which way you can minimize the risk. Most food safety issues start from the kitchen. So, you have to remember a few things when dealing with baby foods – Continue reading

Why Get a TABC Online Certification

Food safety concerns can only be avoided with enough awareness and the right education. This is why almost all states in this country have made it mandatory for professionals and business enterprise to abide by the safe food handling practices. A TABC online certification program is something that anybody related to food business can think about pursuing. What is a TABC certification actually? If you’re a resident of Texas, the state agency might have given some institutions the authority to offer safe food and beverage handling training to the aspiring candidates. A few specific institutes are certified to carry such programs and spread awareness. Continue reading