4 Foods with Highest Risk of Contamination

To know how one can eliminate the risks of food contamination, food regulatory authorities in the U.S. suggest taking an online food handlers course. Besides giving enough idea about the preventive methods, the professionals offering training can also tell you how to reduce the risk of food contamination when consuming the foods bearing the greatest risk of food contamination. Today we can give you some idea about the four most risky foods that easily get contaminated through environmental hazards, pollutants or bacteria development. Here are the foods that should be handled and consumed with utmost care –

Green leaves – Leafy greens like spinach, lettuce are dangerous. As the leafy greens are grown on a large field, despite taking proper care, sometimes it becomes impossible to stop contamination. They get contaminated through animal manure, pesticides and even polluted water.

Eggs – Food contaminating virus salmonella. If the egg shell is cracked, the virus can enter and thrive. And when you eat that, you get infected. Unfortunately, an egg still can get contaminated when it’s inside the hen. It can happen if the hen is already infected.

Tuna – Another dangerous food is tuna. A poisonous substance or toxin called as scombrotoxin found in deep water can intoxicate a tuna fish. And when you eat that, you observe serous food contamination symptoms.
Potatoes – If you think potatoes are one of the safest foods to eat, you’re wrong. When you keep mashed potatoes or baked potatoes unattended in warm temperature for long, salmonella or E. Coli can infect that.

Cheese – Cheese can wreak havoc if it’s produced from unpasteurized milk. Also, if you store shredded cheese at room temperature for longer, usually more than two hours, bacteria can infect the cheese.

Let’s be straight, you can’t escape the risk of food contamination until unless you get familiar with the issue. Don’t forget to get your TABC online certification if you’re an aspiring professional.

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